9 Precautions to protect yourself from corona coronavirus

9 Precautions to protect yourself from corona coronavirus

World is facing a hard time now a days due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). All must be aware to the latest information from National Websites and International websites like WHO, MycoronaHub etc. Coronavirus is a virus that can cause illness like common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Here are 9 Precautions to protect yourself from corona coronavirus.

protection from coronavirus

  1. Wash your hands Frequently

To avoid Coronavirus you must wash your hands frequently with any soap atleast 20 seconds specially after going to the washroom, after sneezing, coughing and before eating.

  1. Avoid touching Face

You must avoid touching your face like mouth, eyes and nose to protect yourself from coronavirus.

  1. Maintain Social Distancing

Maintain Social Distancing with people who are suffering from any diseases and try to maintain distance of 3 feet or 1 meters between sick person and you.

  1. Stay at Home

You must stay at home to protect yourself from coronavirus. Stay home Stay Safe.

  1. Use mask and Hand Sanitiser

Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser and high quality Masks to avoid Coronavirus.

  1. Go for a test

If you are having problems in Breathing, Coughing and sneezing, and high temperature, go for your nearest hospital and go for a test of coronavirus.

  1. Clean your all equipment

Always clean your all equipment like laptop, computer, tv remote and all to avoid coronavirus.

  1. Follow Travel advisory

You must follow travel advisory set out by Health Ministry of India.

  1. Follow Lockdown

Please follow lockdown to protect yourself and your family. Do not out from home until necessary.<>

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