Create an effective Facebook ad Campaign 2020

Create an effective Facebook ad Campaign 2020

Want to Create an effective Facebook ad Campaign!

And You are still thinking how to create an effective Facebook ad campaign 2020 to increase traffic or generate leads.

Not to worry, here are some basic points to understand fundamentals of a Facebook ad campaign which help you to avoid common mistakes, Time and Money.


In this Article, you will understand how to create an effective Facebook ad Campaign 2020.


how to create an effective Facebook ad Campaign successfully.
how to create an effective Facebook ad Campaign successfully.

Decide Your Objective where Ads fit your company

Before spending another buck for Facebook advertising, you must have your plan action otherwise you will waste your time and money both.

What’s your objective to create Facebook advertising?

  • Do you want to generate new leads for your business?
  • Sales for your e-commerce store.
  • Subscribers to your blog.
  • Want to Promote your Facebook Post, Videos etc.
  • Want to promote App.

After deciding your ad objective, here are the tips to set up an effective Facebook ads campaign.

#1 Choose a right Campaign Objective

After setting an objective to create Facebook campaign we need to select a right campaign objective from the Facebook structure. It includes 3 levels which are a campaign, an ad set, and an ad.

The first level is Campaign on which the ad is based.


Facebook campaign structure
Facebook campaign structure


After selecting Campaign you need to select objective of your ad like which action you want people to take. Campaign objectives are three types Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.


Facebook campaigns
Choose from various facebook-ad-objectives

The objectives you select according to your strategy. If you want to drive fans to a Facebook page, select Get More Likes. If you want to promote Facebook page post to get post likes, comments, and share then select engagement option in consideration. if you want to get sales from the campaign then select Conversions option. Note: Your landing page should be more effective to get best results.<>

#2. Build your Custom Audience

The second thing in campaign structure is Building an audience for your ad.

How to create effective facebook ads campaign
Setting up a custom audience in Facebook ads campaign


When we talked about the targeting which is the most important element of your campaign. Targeting can be done in different ways.

Target Demographics and Interest

The best way to target the audience to use Demographics and Interest option. Mostly this option uses to target the people who have not interact with your business or niche previously.

Here is how you will choose demographics audiences like age, gender, Interest, location, and Language.


Set up demographics Interest to target audience
Set up demographics Interest to target audience


In the Detailed Targeting section, you can narrow your audience by choosing from numbers of interests, behaviors, demographics, and more.



Target a Custom Audience of People who have to Interact with your business

The custom audience who have some interaction with your business on Facebook, On the website or in your email marketing. so you can choose your existing customers or visitors by selecting custom audience option.

Effective facebook ads campaign


Choosing custom audience can deliver you the best result.

facebook-ad-create-custom-audience a

Customer Files Custom Audiences

In this type of Audience a list of emails, phone numbers, or Facebook User IDs that Facebook will match them with it’s users. Uploading this list usually has to be done manually.

Website Custom Audiences

To use website custom audience you need to install Facebook pixels code to your website. Then you can insert a Facebook Pixel tracking code on your website and target your Facebook Advertising to all users that have visited a specific page on your website.

App Activity Custom Audiences

In this type of audience, you can create an audience who are using your application. Either on Desktop or Mobile.

Engagement Custom Audiences

You can create audiences of those who engage with certain ad types or your page. The duration of these ad types is up to 365 days.

After creating custom audience you need to build and test your ad.

#3. Build and Test Your Ad Campaign

This is the last stage of creating Facebook ads campaign. In the final stage, you will select your ad format and creative including images, URLs, display link text, videos, news feed text, and a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Effective facebook ad campaign

For different advertising options, you can select different types of Advertising formats like the carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, and canvas.

Facebook campaign creating

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