how to approve adsense account with blogger

how to approve Adsense account with blogger

Google Adsense is a good platform to monetize a Blog or website. But to get the approval of Adsense is too tough and lots of website owners are facing the issue that how to approve Adsense account with Blogger. By using Google Adsense you can earn money online by sitting at home. So in this post, we will discuss the points which have to be taken on Prime to get approved to Adsense.

How to approved adsense account with blogger
How to approved Adsense account with blogger

Adsense on Blogger

Blogger is a free website platform by Google where anyone can create a website free and earn money online. First of all, one has to create a blog on blogger and design the website to apply for the same. If you want to create your website on WordPress then you will have to get a domain name, hosting and theme. 

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To get approved to Adsense we will have some points which have to keep in mind to apply for approval.

#Custom Domain Name

you should have a Custom domain to get approved to Adsense. Just purchase a domain name like and set it to blogger dashboard. because with the custom domain name Adsense approved your account quickly. For purchase a custom domain I will highly recommend you Godaddy.

#Sufficient Content on Blog

All say that Content is the King! Right, It is. You must have sufficient text content on your Blog or website. According to Adsense policies your blog must have at least 10 posts each have 500 words with images.


#Use your Own Content (Do not use other website Content)

Do not others website content, images or video on your blog, because Adsense does not approve website which is having copyright material. You can use royalty free Images and videos to your website. there are so many websites which are providing such images and videos.

#Use Text with Images and Videos

Do not make a website or blog just having Images and videos because according to Adsense policies website having only images and videos cannot qualify for Adsense so make sure you have used proper text on your blog.

#About Us and Contact Us Pages

Create Pages about Us and Contact Us to get approved to AdSense fast. Provide details about you, about your website, contact information like email address and phone number.

So these are some steps to keep in mind how to approve Adsense account with Blogger.

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