On-Page SEO online tips to get your site high rank.

If you want to rank your website up and you don’t use your On-Page-Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) right, It’s very fewer chances to get your website on top pages. There are some basic points which you have to keep in your mind while doing On-Page-SEO of your website. Keeping all things in mind I am delivering this article to you to rank your website on Search Engines.

On-Page-SEO tips and article

On-Page-SEO Tips

#Title Tag

Title Tag is most important while doing On-page SEO. Title Tag should be maximum of 70 characters. Ensure that you are placing your main keyword in the Title Tag. If title Tag is closer to your focus Keyword, the more weight it has on the search engines.  Write your title tag in a way which uses your main keyword at the start.

#Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions should be well written, approximately 160 characters. Meta descriptions should be what the landing page is about. Write your meta descriptions including your targeted keywords and phrases to rank your website.

On-Page-SEO online

#<H1> Tag

Are you not using Heading Tags in the Right way? Then start using in the right way. Always place your main keywords in an H1 tag. We should use H1 tag once in our article rest tags we can use multiple times when needed to be followed by H2…H3 tags.  

#Engaging Content

As you all know that Content is the king. If you are using your own and unique content on your site, Google starts ranking your website. Content should be well written without grammatically mistakes and strong phrases. Write 500 words post to your site containing Your main keywords. 

#Internal Links

Internal Links plays the best role in On-Page SEO to boost website rank. Creating Internal links in your content with your own website links are too useful to rank up your niche.

#Keyword Density

Keyword density is too important in On Page SEO, including keywords related to your content is very important. it helps all search engines to place your content on top pages. But do not stuff of your keywords. It can lead to blocking our site to downwards. Keywords density must be 2-3 percent throughout the article.


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