Five best things to be in your bag to start a YouTube Channel

Five best things to be in your bag to start a YouTube Channel

Truth is that you don’t need expensive and fancy things to start a YouTube Channel. So we will read today Five things start YouTube Channel.

Just Simple . Pull out your Smart Phone or Camera and Start Making Videos.


When you have made some videos you will start having equipment yourself.


Making high-quality videos is not as simple as seems. If you want to become a full-time YouTuber, you need to have the you don’t need a lot of technical expertise to create content but you just need the right equipment. 


Here is the list of few things to start YouTube Channel.


Video Camera

The Type of Camera you need is totally depends on your YouTube Content you want to create. As a Beginner you just need to have simple, portable, lightweight and easy to use cameras.

You also can start your video making from your smart phone. i will suggest you some very good and best cameras to start your YouTube Channel.

I will suggest you the best Camera for YouTube Videos Sony DSC W830 Cyber-Shot 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Camera (Black) with 8X Optical Zoom .

This camera having best features like Super HAD CCD sensor with 20.1 effective megapixels, 720p MP4 movie mode the camera shoots 1280 x 720 high definition movies at 30 fps, 8x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens.


Another one is something different but less costly of canon : Canon PowerShot SX430 IS 20MP Digital Camera.

This video camera having a lot of best qualities which is needed for a YouTuber like 45x optical zoom, 20.0 megapixels sensor, Intelligent IS, Wi-Fi and NFC.




Lighting devices are required to shoot videos indoors or the place where lights are low. Also lights help to shoot videos too good and for change the look and even improve the brightness of your photos and videos.


Here are the types of lighting devices you can use while shooting videos on YouTube: Softbox, Umbrella Light, Ring Light, On-Camera Lighting.


Some best Lights which can help you better: Get Best Lights Here




If your video is having good Sound quality means your video is going to send good impressions to your viewers. Camera with Built-in microphones or portable microphones usually have poor sound quality because it cannot effectively detect or eliminate ambient noise.

That’s why most important tool for creating videos on YouTube is a good microphone.

Some Best Microphones for recording  YouTube videos.



Tripods helps to keep your camera or video camera completely steady—no movement or vibration. This will allow video to be focused and too clear. Tripods also provides stability and easy adjustment , such as a night sky or landscape.


I will suggest you some best Tripods for making YouTube Videos clear and best quality.

Here are the some best Tripods which can help you:  Best Tripods in India.

Video Editor Tool


Once all above things done and shoot to Video then you need a good Video Editing Software to edit and fine the video. There are lot of video editing softwares available over internet to edit the video. You can search them over there.


So, these are the  Five best things to be in your bag to start a YouTube Channel. 

I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t forget the give feedback to this post.

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