Top 5 Digital Marketers and Courses in India

Digital marketing field is on trends now a days in India. More than 100 teachers, speakers and Digital marketers are available in our country. Today we will discuss about top 5 digital marketers and courses in India in this post.

#Deepak Kanakaraju (Digital Deepak)

Deepak Kanakaraju is a top Digital marketer of India. He is a passionate digital marketer. He has been in digital marketing since 2008. Till the date, he has created about 10-12 Courses of Digital Marketing which is listed below.

Deepak Kanakaraju

  • 100 days blogging Course
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Facebook Mastery course
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • Product launch Mastery
  • Hindi blogging Course
  • Google Adwords Mastery
  • Seo Mastery Course
  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • Analytics Mastery
  • Content Marketing Course

Access of All Courses you can have on or

#Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and social media expert, speaker, trainer, author. He started his career in Digital Marketing at the age of 17 as SEO executive. He started an agency echoVME in 2010 and for that, he got the prestigious award ‘The Best Social Media Agency of 2013’ by CMO Asia. His aim is to provide Digital marketing Courses for Free for All. His most valuable products and services are:

101 Content Marketing tips on Social Media

Facebook Marketing Masterclass on Social Media

Free Hindi Digital Marketing Course

Free English Digital Marketing Course

You can get all his courses on


#Jeetendra Vasvani

Jeetendra Vaswani

Jeetendra Vasvani is one of the most famous digital marketers in India. He founded Blogger’s Ideas, in 2013, a digital marketing blog for helping individuals and small businesses in building their online visibility. And he was recognized among the top 20 bloggers in India in 2014. He also formed a digital Marketing agency named DigiExe for personal branding for customers. His most valuable products and services are:

Anyone can find his services on the website:


#Pradeep Chopra


Pradeep CHopra is a co-founder of Digital Vidya. Digital Vidya is a leading digital marketing institute of India. Pradeep Chopra is an IIT Delhi pass out. After passing IIT, he did not having any interest in the corporate job. When he saw the opportunities for practical training, he co-founded the institute in 2009.

Pradeep has trained more than 1500 professionals and spoken at global conferences like NASSCOM India Leadership and World Blogger. His articles has also been published in Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur etc.

Find out more at : 


#Lakshmipathy Bhat

Lakshmipaty bhat

Lakshmipathy Bhat is known for his traditional advertising methods and the manners of new digital information. He is having 25 years of experience in the Marketing field. He is the head of Robosoft technologies which is a leading mobility solutions partner. 

He has also worked with major brands like GSK, Wipro Consumer Care, P&G, BAT, and many others. 

He is having his own blog Bhat Naturally, in which he covers advertisement strategies, branding lessons, client management and digital marketing tips.<>


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