Top mobile marketing trends in 2018

Top mobile marketing trends in 2018

In today’s age where the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly and according to a survey around 80% of people around the world spend 80 hours on their smartphones weekly. Considering that fact professionals have prioritized mobile marketing strategy and now it is one of finest form of Digital Marketing in 2018 and will remain always because a number of mobile users are not going down. So keeping all this in the mind we are going to explain Top mobile marketing trends in 2018.

Mobile marketing is a strategy where businesses connect with customers through their phones by any channel like SMS, MMS, email, social app or any other website. The customer is provided with the personalized information according to their location and preference which boosts goods sales, ideas and customer services as well.

Mobile Marketing Trends in India


This technique is now on trending and if you have not worked on this strategy till now and you have no idea about it then you’re at right place, keep reading.


Working with Top mobile marketing trends in 2018

As we know that mobile marketing depends on SMS, MMS, and social apps. So, SMS and MMS are clear that businesses send information to the customer about product or idea or about their policy. But how does social apps and websites come into play?

Mobile Networks India

Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are very popular apps and billions of people around the world spend a lot of time on their apps. And websites like Amazon, eBay or any other website.

Mobile marketing works on these two channels through ads. Relative ads appear on a user’s social app or website. These ads must be according to user’s preference due to personalization and this personalization is done through data analysis and data automation. These ads formats, customization, and styles may vary because every social app or website has its own unique style.

Why mobile marketing strategy is appealing:

Mobile marketing strategy is needed as we need a smartphone and WIFI. The rapid increase in the number of mobile users and according to surveys 40% of internet browsing is done through mobile devices and tablets. So, ignoring this fact would be a foolish idea.

Why mobile marketing strategy is appealing

Some other reasons why mobile marketing is appealing is that people do 70% of internet browsing on tablets than a mobile phone.

 Retail price conversation has increased to 2.5%.

The number of mobile users has increased about 200% from 2014.

That is why mobile marketing is need of the hour and will always be relevant.

Types of mobile marketing:

As we are discussing Top mobile marketing trends in 2018 . There are different types of mobile marketing.

Social apps:

This is mobile based advertisements which involve social apps. We know people spend around 80% of their internet time using these apps so this is the best channel to showcase your ads through personalization. There is a lot of service like Google Ad Mob which help you to create ads which will run on these apps. You don’t have to have your own social apps just create ads which will appear on customers apps.

Types of Mobile marketing


In-game ads are those ads which appear during games. It is not uncommon to see ads while playing games. These ads can be pop-ups, images or a video of 30 seconds. Below is an in-game ad.


QR codes (quick response barcodes):

QR codes are scanned by the camera on user’s mobile device which directs the user to a specific website whose link is provided in the QR code. This is the easiest way to direct the user to any website. These codes can be used for anything. You can also set up a QR code for your business.

Games Mobile Marketing


SMS (short message service):

It is one of the most common and easiest types of mobile marketing as it does not require the user to have the internet facility. The brand can send information about their product or ideas by SMS. This is a flexible channel for mobile marketing strategy.

 SMS Mobile marketing

Location Based ads:

Location-based ads are those ads which appear on the user’s mobile device based on their mobile location. These ads appear when the user is in the radius of that specific location. For example, you are going to Thailand you’ll get ads about beaches and spas.

Mobile Search Ads:

These are googling based ads which appear which appears while searching on google like click to call etc.

Mobile banner advertisement:

These are the same ads which appear on the desktop but it will fit the size of your smartphone screen.

Best practices for Mobile Marketing:

Here are some best tips which will help you improve the quality of mobile ads and make these ads interesting for the user to watch.

Compact and clear:

Mobile ads must be clear and have a cool look that would attract user rather than skipping the ad. The ad must not be crowded and should not have bad look. Because it is all about appearance.

 Mobile Advertisement

Consider your audience:

It is important to know your audience. The ads should be according to your audience, if your audience is gamer then the ads should be about different games, if an audience is from LA then ads should be about fashion and another life style. Location-based factor also comes in this.

Set Benchmarks:

Setting benchmark is important in order to evaluate your results. You should always evaluate results you’re getting from these mobile ads and do changes accordingly.

Last words about Top mobile marketing trends in 2018

Finally, Mobile marketing is very effective as it can reach more audience and people can also share these ads with their friends. So, you can say that it is a win-win situation. Businesses and brands have dedicated teams for making mobile marketing strategies effective and help to keep customers intact with your brand. In this way, customers stay loyal and always look up to you as they are getting satisfying results. So that’s all about the Top mobile marketing trends in 2018.

This article is Written by Umme Farwa who provides Best Digital Marketing Services worldwide.

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